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Bomber Jacket | Vintage
Disco Pants + Creepers | Topshop
Zipped Blouse | Basement
Bag | Zara

Creepers and bomber jackets are still part of my favourite things to wear even if I don't wear them very often. I think is really important to wear whatever you like whenever you want to, even if it isn't currently trendy, as we can always add that extra personal touch to it somehow.
As I've mentioned before, I have clothes that were very fashionable at some point in the past but if I still like them too much I can keep wearing them for years! I always try to wear what suits me and makes me feel comfy instead of everything that's "in" (well, if it suits me, I like it and it's trendy, GREAT!).

What's better than feeling comfortable but stylish at the same time?! 

Happy Saturday you all!
VV x


Las creepers y bomber jackets aún son parte de mis prendas favoritas para usar, aunque no las use muy seguido. Creo que es super importante ponernos lo que queramos y cuando queramos, sin importar si está de moda o no, ya que siempre se puede agregar ese toque único y personal a nuestros outfits.
Como les había contado en un post por ahí, tengo ropa que estuvo super de moda en un tiempo o imitaciones de colecciones super antiguas, y sin embargo si me gusta mucho algo, me lo pongo igual y por años! 
Siempre trato de ponerme lo que le venga a mi cuerpo y lo que me haga sentir cómoda, en vez de tratar de usar todo lo que se viene de moda (bueno, si me viene, está de moda y me gusta...genial!). 

Feliz sábado a tod@s!
VV x

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